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Having a website or e-commerce provides your business with a platform to showcase your product & service and to drive sales. A site allows you to engage, inform, educate and to convert visitors to customers. Visitors and customers to your website would have platform to purchase product or pay for a service just with a simple click. With a website you are one step ahead of your competitors, where you will have information regarding your office address, mobile number, description of your business, what you do and a whole lot more.
We develop website based on purpose and functionality. Such as;
Static: one page website
Dynamic: function driven website with multiple pages
E-commerce: website dedicated for product and services, know as online stores.
Let your existing and potential customers see your business in one BOX. Investing in a website means an investment that grows with your business.

HB Additional Services

We use this various service to grow different business from SMEs to large cooperation.

Digital Marketing

First, your competitors are online. Guaranteed means to reach out to new & existing customer.Learn more

Mobile Application

Design that show case your business in one box, strengthening your customer’s brand experience.Learn more

Social Media Marketing

Irrespective of your business, a significant portion of the leads and customers are on social media.Learn more

PABX Phone System

This phone system support your organization structure. Offering different level of implementation.Learn more

Key Benefits Of HB Services

Our service are targeted mainly to meet your business requirements, we will initially review your business and current branding if any.
  • Develop solutions that suit your business.
  • Our ability to ensure we deliver timely.
  • Experience technical and business teams.
  • Continue to think of innovative solutions.

IT Strategies

We employ a 3 step strategy that involves review, process and results. With this we hardly miss the core solution required for your business.
  • Review
  • Process
  • Result

HB would review your current business brand and advise the right solution to grow your business.

HB would draw up solutions and indicate implementation timeline with the right financial budget to enhance your business.

HB at this stage would, technically implement solutions, maintain and training personnel as required. Full backup is handed over accordingly.