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3D Printing

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Research Team: Asst Prof Fehmida Hussain, Mr Lawal Olatunji & Mr Longe Olatunji

*Additional Team Required, Research in-view*

Topic: Innovations in 3D printing using Nigeria as a case study.

Year: 2019

Organization: Highbish Technology


The act of manufacturing whereby materials such as metal or plastic, are deposited in a structured layer to produce a three dimensional object is referred to as 3D printing. Typical example of 3D printing includes sculptures, pictures and frames, eye glasses among others. Two dimensional object are the contract process or traditional ink-based printing deployed before the discovery of 3-D printing. The evolution of 3-D printing have evolved rapidly in field of engineering to create engineering prototypes. However, with recent advancement in 3-D printing, it now has the potential to support mass customization of goods on a more larger scale and it use in medicine for ophthalmology has continue to evolve rapidly in aspect such as manufacturing of eyeglasses, dental implants and custom prosthetic devices.

Research Goal:

The goal of this research is to analysis and evaluate the current advancement of 3-D Printing in developed countries as compared to a developing country Nigeria and Africa.

Research Objectives

1. Analysis and Evaluate of 3-D printing.
2. Advance implementation of 3-D printing.
3. Deployment of 3-D printing in Nigeria.

Case Study Focus


Stage: Literature Review.